Individual therapy

I will work with you individually to address your traumas, anxieties, depressions, interpersonal skills, or help you explore why it is that your life isn’t going the way you want it to. We can work at your pace and I’ll be your expert guide throughout the whole process.


Couples, Families, and Groups

Relationships - whether romantic, platonic, or interpersonal - are complicated. We all reach a stage at times where it can be helpful to have an unbiased and highly qualified coach to help us move through barriers in our relationships. I can help you address your parenting issues, your interpersonal issues with your partner, or your search for decreasing conflicts with others in a safe setting using evidence based approaches.


Children and Teens

I have worked frequently with children and teenagers during my career, and have evolved an ability to work with them directly through individual work, and indirectly through parenting skills and approaches that are rooted in scientifically researched methods and strategies. My top priority is ensuring that the client knows they are important and safe during the treatment.


Supervision for licensure

I am trained and meet all state requirements to provide clinical supervision for therapists working towards getting their state license. The journey to licensure started years ago and I want to help you achieve that goal in ways that help build you in to the amazing therapist I know you can be