This is how we do it. 

What is Therapy?

For us, Therapy is the process of change we go through to improve our lives.

We don’t want to pathologize how you got to where you are today as it can lend itself too easily to judgment. You have been doing your absolute best to manage how life has turned out for you; and if you’re here, you are wanting to manage it even better. Therapy is the way in which we help you do that. This includes multiple evidence based approaches, informative psycho-education, unconditional positive regard, intelligent and intuitive responses to your needs, empathy and warmth, and letting you continue to be the expert on who you are and what you feel.

“The pain is there; when you close one door on it, it knocks to come in somewhere else...”
— Irvin D. Yalom, Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death

Getting Started

All good treatment begins with an interview, one in which we ask questions and you get to ask questions, too. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable, understand what is going on, and feel confident that your needs are being heard throughout the intake interview. Our goals during the first session are: 1) Ensure that you feel confident you’re in the right place; and 2) Gather enough information to begin our treatment plan.

You should expect that this session will go between 60-75 minutes, and we ask that you please complete all the forms online through the Simple Practice portal prior to arriving.

To explore what kind of therapy is right for you, see our services offered.

To schedule your first appointment, send us a message!

“Not to take possession of your life plan is to let your existence be an accident.”
— Irvin D. Yalom, When Nietzsche Wept: A Novel of Obsession